In praise of PROUD

Toby Mather

Gscene Magazine

Bren Gosling writes a terse drama of lies that compels our attention. Undoubtedly 5-star theatre.

Toby Mather

Boyz Magazine

An absorbing piece of modern theatre where human emotions are laid out raw and almost uncensored, stunning in the way¬†the three character’s stories are brought to life.

Toby Mather
Toby Mather

Plays to See

Funny and plausible naturalistic dialogue..

Everything Theater

An influential and touching text.

In praise of INVISIBLE ME

In praise of MOMENT OF GRACE

In praise of Minnie Lansbury

A terrific piece, capturing the voice of Minnie and giving a vivid impression of her energy, compassion and passion for the cause!

Nigel Whiskin – Grandson of George Lansbury